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Medved Era Opens With 87-67 Exhibition Win Over CSU-Pueblo

November 4, 2018

I got a text from someone late in the second half asking how the Rams were looking. I sent back a one word response.


I’m never going to get carried away with an exhibition game when the opponent is a D-2 program. Sure teams have been known to lose games like this but more times than not, the D-1 program comes out on top by their sheer talent.

So I watch for other things. I watch for how a team runs their offensive sets. Are they creating good shots and not turning the ball over? I watch for how a team works on the defensive end. Does a team do a good job disrupting flow, contesting shots, and finish off defensive possessions with rebounds? And I watch to see how a team does in transition between the defensive and offensive ends because thats where easy hoops can be scored.

After a bit of a slow start driven mostly by sloppy turnovers, the Rams trailed 22-20 midway through the first half. CSU-Pueblo was making shots, many of which were open looks. The Rams werent playing badly, just not at as high an intensity level as required.

The game began to turn with about 6 minutes remaining in the half as both Lorenzo “Doobie” Jenkins and Anthony Masinton-Bonner began taking over on the defensive end. Their hard work, fast hands and intelligent positioning led to steals which created some easy transition buckets on the other end.

At the half, the Rams led 38-31.

The second half began much the same as the first half had ended and the next thing you know the Rams were comfortably in front 58-39 at the 14:00 mark and the outcome was pretty much decided.

Easy offense created by strong defense.

Both Jenkins and Masinton-Bonner would finish the game with 4 steals each

Yes freshman Kendle Moore led the Rams with 9 points and showed not only great skills finishing at the rim but played with the high level of intelligence and control the point guard position demands.

Yes Nico Carvacho dominated the glass with 13 boards and displayed his all-around skills on both ends of the floor.

Yes veteran senior guard JD Paige played a solid floor game on his way to 12 points. And frosh forward Adam Thistlewood came off the bench to deliver 16 and 6.

Bonner and Jenkins delivered 19 points and 11 rebounds together. But it was their work on the defensive end that had created the impetus for the Rams to come out on top.


Other Stuff

After the game, Coach Niko Medved announced that senior forward Deion James had suffered an injury and would be red-shirted this season. A loss for sure but a new opportunity created for Logan Ryan off the bench.

Medved also announced that guard Kris Martin would miss the first five games for not meeting program expectations. Martin might very well be the top player when all is said and done this season and he certainly will be missed in these five games. But it means more time and accelerated development for some of the others.

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  1. Bill Beitz (Bytes) permalink
    November 4, 2018 5:53 am

    Swoll Cracker tells it like it is.

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