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Colorado State Women Open 2018-19 Slate With A 72-46 Victory

November 7, 2018

After a pair of exhibition wins, the Rams hosted the Greyhounds of Eastern New Mexico University in their official season opener.

Having lost a handful of players to graduation and another handful to transfer, this edition of the Rams is a team in search of an identity. Having already lost a pair of key performers to injury, they are challenged in numbers (only 8 suited up) and they are in the early stages of developing the chemistry that produces quality basketball.

Sophomore returnees Lore Devos and Grace Colaivalu have the most recent experience in Ram shirts but are still learning. Senior Myann Hamm returns after missing the 2017-18 season with a foot injury. Senior Transfer Tatum Neubert and JC transfer Mollie Mounsey complete the starting 5. Coming off the bench are sophomore returnee Lena Svanholm and a pair of freshmen in Lauren Brocke and Taylor Mole.

Youth and inexperience, both individually and collectively can result in seemingly inconsistent performances. So it wasn’t a surprise that the Rams jumped out quickly to a 12-0 lead and then gave it all back before the halftime horn sounded with some uninspiring play.

Yes they were working on some new defensive structure. After playing traditional man-to-man successfully and some 2-3 Zone unsuccessfully in their two opening exhibitions, they went to a switching man-to-man that is one of the staple defenses under Coach Ryun Williams.

Yes there were a few struggles. Not unexpected.

But what was unexpected was the visiting Greyhounds playing harder than the Rams over the entire 94′. Rebounds and loose balls all seemed to go in the favor of the visitor’s and it was no accident the Rams trailed 27-26 at the half.

It would have been worse. Way worse if the visitor’s could shoot the basketball. They missed open look after open look on their way to less than 25% shooting from the field.

While the Rams opened the second half playing harder, they were still being consistently outhustled. Eventually the superior talent of the Ams wore the visitor’s out and the Ams pulled away over the final 20 minutes.

Lore Devos led the way with 23 points, most of which were scored on a collection of short and intermediate range jumpers. Lena Svanholm delivered 14, mostly from the interior and Mollie Mounsey finally heated up from the perimeter to score 12 on 4-8 shooting. Grace Colaivalu ran the show to the tune of 7 assists and Tatum Neubert nearly delivered a double-double from her Center position.

The individual skills are there and so are the numbers.

But not the collective effort over the entire 94′ over the entire 40′.

There’s an old coaching adage that the only thing you control on the floor are your effort and your attitude. Championship teams deliver on that night in and night out.

The 2018-19 Rams have some miles to travel if they have a goal of becoming a championship team.

Next up – The University of Colorado in Boulder.

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