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Dear Joe Parker

March 19, 2016

You are now officially on my shit list.

A couple of days ago I tweeted you to see if there were any reception events for CSU fans traveling to Los Angeles to see the women play in the NCAA Tournament.

When the CSU Men played in Louisville in 2012 and Lexington in 2013,CSU hosted some fantastic events.  They rented the upstairs of a restaurant in Louisville right across the street from the Yum! Center.  Appetizers, band, players, cheerleaders, fans, parents were all there and a good time was had by all.

In Lexington, CSU rented out a large building (a refurbed warehouse) and had band, cheerleaders, parents, fans present. My wife and I arrived at the same time as then AD Jack Graham and his wife Ginger and we entered together.  Again fun times.

Both events were set up by AD employee Deidre Church, a human Dynamo while passion for what she did spilled over enough that Jim McElwain took her to Florida with him.
Yesterday I sent an e-mail asking the same question.

I awakened this morning in my hotel in Westwood after a long day of travel and immediately checked my e-mail.


No response at all.

I realize I’m not a high roller in the world of AD donors.  I am a season ticket holder in both men’s and women’s basketball and donate a youth football season ticket.  I’m at the Executive Level of the Ram Club.  My support comes through things like this blog.

But you have let me down on this one.

Fans who travel to see their team deserve a little more than a simple “Here’s how you purchase a ticket to see the women in LA”.

And these women deserve more of an effort from you and your athletic department.

Title IX may be about scholarship money but there’s a whole lot more to it than that.  he women have put CSU on the national stage in the post-season.  They are what Tony Frank would describe as Front Porch.

I know plenty of people that think the world of you Joe.

I don’t.

You could have at least responded even if nothing was planned for today.  That’s what a customer-focused organization would do.

In academic terms, you got an F.

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