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Remembering the Seniors – My 5 Favorite Moments

March 9, 2013

When all is said and done, the collective group of Wes Eikmeier, Dorian Green, Pierce Hornung, Colton Iverson, and Greg Smith will go down in Colorado State basketball history as the most influential class of players to ever don Ram uniforms.

They have left an indelible mark on my memory with their hard effort, unselfish play, and class attitudes. Here are the 5 moments for each player that stand out the most in my memory.

Wes Eikmeier

1. The 2011 game at Denver. CSU had fallen behind early but crawled their was back into the game by halftime. It was a game that was still in the balance in the second half. Wes had struggled with his outside shooting in the game prior and DU left him open on the perimeter on two straight possessions. Bad decision. Two three-balls later, CSU was on its way to a double digit victory.

2. The 2012 game against New Mexico. CSU had their backs against the wall and the game was a must win for CSU to gain an NCAA at-large bid. In the second half, Wes nailed a pair of three-balls and followed it with a beautiful and-1 reverse layup to give the Rams a cushion they would never relinquish.

3. The 2012 game at Air Force. It was another must win for the Rams in their quest for an NCAA at-large bid. Wes was fouled in transition and then Falcon Max Yon brushed him intentionally drawing a technical foul. Wes calmly drained 4 free throws hitting nothing but net and the Rams had the margin they needed to win.

4. The 2012 first round MWC tournament game vs. TCU. The last of the must win games. Wes made a pair of three’s and a two in the game’s first 2:20 to propel the Rams to an early 8-0 lead on their way to an 81-60 win. It was an outburst that epitomized his strength as the purest of shooters.

5. The 2013 game vs. UTEP. With the game in the balance in the final minute or so, Wes came wheeling from the left wing and nailed a pull-up jumper from the elbow to give the Rams the margin they needed to score a difficult victory and keep their home winning streak alive.

Dorian Green

1. The 2010 game against Colorado. It was Dorian’s first big game as a freshman point guard starter and he came through with flying colors, delivering a 20-point effort as the Rams thrashed the Buffs 77-60.

2. The 2011 game at Northern Colorado. Dorian had announced to the coaches after warm-ups that he was on fire and couldn’t miss. He wasn’t lying. He shot 8-10 from beyond the arc, two of which were converted into 4-point plays on his way to a career high 36 points.

3. The 2011 game vs. Colorado. The Rams had blown a healthy lead late, finally losing the lead on a Nate Tomlinson layup off a sloppy turnover with about 17 seconds left. CSU quickly inboun ded the ball and it came to Dorian on the right wing. He drove toward the basket and converted a short floater to put the rams back in the lead. When Tomlinson was forced into tough shot that he missed at the buzzer, the Rams had scored a famous victory.

4. The 2013 game vs. Boise State. CSU was killing off the game and Dorian was in total control. After receiving a high screen, he drove the lane for what looked like an easy layup but instread became a powerful dunk, a testament to his underrated athletic ability.

5. The 2013 game vs. San Diego State. The Rams trailed by 2 when Dorian made a three-pointer. After a stop, the Rams had the ball and ran the clock down for Dorian. He received a slip screen from Greg Smith, a high screen by Coltonm Iverson, and delivered an and-1 floater to give the Rams the cushion they need to finish off the Aztecs.

Pierce Hornung

1. The 2011 game vs. New Mexico. Late in the game the Rams had a small lead on the Lobos. All-MWC guard Dairese Gary drove to the basket for what was to be one of his patented late game layups. Pierce came off his man and stripped Gary of the ball.

2. The 2012 game vs. UNLV. The Rams had clawed their way back from a huge deficit and held a tenuos lead late in the game. The Rebels’ Anthony Marshall drove to tht basket and Pierce blocked the layup attempt with such force that Marshall was driven into the floor. It was the play that gave the Rams a mcu-needed vistory.

3. The 2012 game vs. Wyoming. The Rams were in a close game vs. the Pokes. A shot was missed and Pierce came out of nowhere on the right wing to deliver a flying thunderous dunk over the bigger Adam Waddell. A spectacular offensive rebound by Hornung. Imagine that.

4. The 2012 game vs. New Mexico. Probably one of the most amazing and inconceivable wins ever played in Moby as the shorthanded and undersized Rams fought tooth and nail with the ranked Lobos for 39+ minutes. When Pierce took a Kaipo Sabas pass and threw down an emphatic two-footed dunk the Rams had capped off a huge win.

5. The 2013 game vs. UNLV. A close game down the wire. And then it was Hornung time in the final two minutes as Pierce stole the ball from Anthony Bennett, drew an offensive foul on Bryce Dejean-Jones, and grabbed an offensive rebound in the final 30 seconds to give the Rams the ball preserving an important victory.

Colton Iverson

1. The 2012 game at Denver. The first display of Colton’s power in a Ram uniform. In the first half, he found himself mismatched with a DU guard in the low block. He put the player on his hip and was about to send him flying into the stands when an official mercifully blew his whistle for a common foul.

2. The 2013 game at San Diego State – The Rams had fought their way back from a 19-point deficit, mostly on the inside play of Colton. Late in the game they trailed by 2 when Dorian Green missed a runner. Colton calmly grabbed the board and finished at the rim to send the game into OT.

3. The 2013 game vs. Air Force – The Rams were out to an early lead and the Falcons decided to come with a press. Bad idea. The Rams broke the press with some tic-tac-toe passing with the final one delivered to Colton who was flying at full speed on the left wing. Thank God there wasn’t a Falcon in the way as he delivereds the most powerful of dunks.

4. The 2013 game vs. Wyoming. The Rams were on their way to a solid win over their rivals. Colton received a pass on the low block. The Pokes Larry Nance Jr. flopped and Colton had a clear path to the basket. Over slid the Pokes’ Leonard Washington, a mountain of man. Colton threw down a dunk while dwarf-tossing Washington to the floor. It was 500 lbs. of Big Boy basketball.

5. The 2013 game at Wyoming. The Rams were in need of a win when they traveled to Laramie. Against a depleted Cowboy squad, Colton shot 12-12 on a variety of jump hooks, dunks, and layups, tying an MWC record in the process. He was to finish with 29 points, a career high, as the Rams scored an important road conference win.

Greg Smith

1. 2011 at UNLV. The Rams were fighting tooth and nail in their attempt to score a huge road victory at the T&M. Late in the game, Greg scored on an and-1 and delivered the happiest of dances as the ball fell through the basket. The Rams went on to win by about 15, scoring their best victory of the season.

2. 2012 vs. Wyoming. The Rams held a one oossession lead late in the game against the Pokes. Greg took a pass on the right wing and pump faked Leonard washington and his jock all the way to Tie Siding as he delivered an and-one that sealed the game.

3. 2012 vs. New Mexico. At a critical point in a close game, Greg drove to the rim and rose over the bigger Cameron Bairstow and delivered an and-1 dunk. The epitome of Greg – putting the ball on the floor, athletically rising to the basket and then finishing with power.

4. 2013 vs. San Diego State. Early in the game Dorian Green spotted Greg in transition running behind the Aztec defense. He delivered an over-the-top pass and Greg caught it at full speed and dunked.

5. 2013 at Nevada. The Rams were short-handed when Pierce Hornung was unable to play because of food poisoning. Not to worry. Greg delivered the most important performance of his career as he scored inside and out on his way to a 28-point and 12 rebound effort.

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