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Wyoming Scores Key 84-78 OT Win Over Rams

February 1, 2022

Im not going to spend a lot of time on this one because I wasn’t there. When I watch on TV I don’t feel like I can add a whole lot of insight.

But I have to tell you, I’m very disappointed in the outcome tonight. CSU was the better team. Period. They did what they needed to do to come away with a big win. But they inexplicably missed wide open three-balls from the wing and wide open layups. They easily left 10 points on the floor just shooting normal percentages.

And Wyoming made shots they normally don’t. Sure they had their lead duo of Hunter Maldonado and Graham Ike scoring mostly in the paint. But 20% shooter Jeremiah Oden shot 2-3 from three point-range. And 70% free throw shooters Maldonado and Ike shot 16-18 from the stripe, a cool 89%. Wyoming did what they had to do. Play over their heads.

At the same time the combination of Dischon Thomas, Chandler Jacobs, John Tonje, and Kendle Moore, a group you’d expect to shoot 40%from the perimeter, shot 1-12. Tonje and freshman Jalen Lake missed 5 layups between them.

And inexplicably Isaiah Stevens turned a late possession that could have salted the game into a shot clock violation.

And yet the Rams still had a chance to win in regulation when David Roddy stepped to the free throw line trailing by 1. He made the first, missed the second, and the Rams went on to lose in OT.

They will be kicking themselves when they watch the tape. They will see just how well they actually executed a game plan against a very difficult opponent. And then they will see all the silly misses they had. And realize that the margin of error on the road is slim. On a night that the Rams got a poor whistle, they did more than enough to return to Fort Collins with a big win over a bitter rival. They just missed when it mattered.

I felt obligated to insert this to explain the “poor whistle” comment. This call by referee Mike Red should get him a ban.

Its time for the Rams to play to their capabilities. And yes, sometimes even play over their heads.

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