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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee – Three Game Homestand Edition

November 29, 2021

So sit down and grab your favorite brew as we take an eclectic look at the goings on with CSU Mens’ Basketball.

First thing I’m doing is tipping my cup to Isaiah Stevens, the consummate closer, who once again delivered a masterpiece in the final two minutes on Saturday. A hoop, a free throw, an and-1, a steal, a pair of FT’s.

The second sip will come with a huge thanks you to both Colorado State and Northern Colorado for delivering such a passionate, high-quality effort on Saturday. Some epic performances from both sides and an exhilarating finish.

It was the first of three consecutive games in Moby over the next week, with Arkansas-Little Rock on Wednesday and St Mary’s on Saturday. You can’t win all three if you don’t win the first.

Two Man Combinations and More

I follow an advanced statistical website called The site is full of all kinds of fantastic advanced statistical information. Both team and individual performance. Additionally, there is data on the top 2-, 3-, 4, and 5-man combinations in all of Division 1 Basketball.

As of Sunday morning, here are the top 2-man combinations.

Obviously, the season is young and there’s not a crazy amount of data. But the data suggests that the most efficient two-man pair in the country as of today is CSU’s Chandler Jacobs and David Roddy. Remarkably, the 6th best is Jacobs with Isaiah Stevens and the 8th best is Jacobs with John Tonje. Suggesting the importance of Chandler Jacobs to the overall success of the CSU team so far.

Now for 5-man squads:

This data would suggest that the lineup of Jacobs, Roddy, Stevens, Thistlewood, and Thomas is CSU’s best 5-man group and is the 19th most efficient in the nation.

I’m bringing it up because it serves as food for thought and interesting discussion. Kendle Moore went out injured in the first game of the year and is probably not fully fit. Jacobs has stepped in seamlessly with the other 4 starters.

Now consider this.

CSU has been getting off to slow starts in recent games. And Coach Medved typically makes tweaks to his lineups at some point during the out of conference portion of the schedule. Two years ago it was inserting David Roddy into the starting lineup and sending Kris Martin into the 6th man role. Last season it was swapping James Moors with Dischon Thomas as the starting big.

Might we be seeing a switch in roles between Jacobs and Moore coming?

I do know that when we did a podcast with Coach Medved on earlier this year that he is less driven by the starting lineup and more driven in finding the proper combinations of players who can finish off games. Recently, we saw Isaiah Rivera play a prominent role late in the win over Northeastern. And then it was Jacobs’ turn on Saturday against Northern Colorado. On the floor with Moore. Those are the in-game decisions that win games.

David Roddy as a National Player of the Year Candidate is another advanced statistics site and they regularly project the Top 10 Player of the Year candidates. Here is a snapshot after David Roddy’s overpowering performances at the Paradise Jam.

Remember that its only a snapshot and that things change regularly. I just thought that is was pretty cool for David to show up in this Top 10. Going back in MWC history, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmer Fredette, and Malachi Flynn made end of season appearances. Heady company.

Roddy and Stevens Tracking to 1000

David Roddy and Isaiah Stevens were the cornerstones of the 2019 recruiting class that has raised the CSU program to national prominence. The expectations were high and they’ve managed to go beyond them. Two great young men from two great families. They are roommates and close friends whose success is so intertwined.

And thats why it is so remarkable that both Roddy and Stevens are tracking so closely in Career Points. After his hot start this season, Roddy stands at 968. With his steady game-in, game out performances, Stevens stands at 960.

it is not out of the question that they could both cross the 1000 point threshold in the same game and not out of the question that it could happen in the St. Mary’s game on Saturday.

Think about that for a second. A kid from Minneapolis and a kid from Allen, TX show up to hoop in Fort Collins. They become best friends. And their careers parallel so closely that they can cross the threshold of a major milestone on the same night. As if its meant to be.

But here’s the best part of the two. Both will tell you that it doesn’t matter if they score 0 or 20 as long as CSU wins. Ultimately, that is their legacy. Winners.

I hope you’ll join me on the Roddy and Stevens watch.

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