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Monday Morning Point Guard

January 20, 2020

Just a bunch of thoughts after a week of college basketball

Rams Went Into Colorado Springs and Ate Air Force’s Children.

The Falcons were described by CSU Head Coach Niko Medved as being loaded for bear. This year’s edition of the Flyboys is senior-laden, with nearly 60% of their minutes going to 5 seniors. CSU dropped a pair of 30-point wins on the Falcons last season and those seniors wanted to give the young Rams an afternoon to remember. The Falcons had been playing very well at home of late and this was going to be the Rams’ comeuppance.

It wasnt to be as senior Kris Martin scored 19 points off the bench, leading four other Rams in double figures, as the Rams stormed their way to a 78-65 victory. Martin delivered three consecutive three-balls in the final 10 minutes, pushing the Rams’ lead into double digits and they were able to close from there.

The Rams held the Falcons scoreless over the final 2:45 and delivered what is known as a kill, three consecutive scoreless possessions by their opponent.

And then I was hit with the following thought:

What would happen if basketball players got to wear symbols on their jerseys to signify achieving key objectives. You know, kind of like how Ohio State puts all those friggin Buckeyes on their helmets. Some guys have so many you wonder if the sheer weight makes it hard for them to run.

And then my mind wandered some more. It’s hell gettin old.

How come there isn’t a name for when a team or an individual makes three three-balls in a row. An offensive version of a kill so to speak.

So I decided that I would create my own name for it and call it a Clavell. After Gian Clavell who could turn a game on its ear in a minute by nailing three straight from beyond the arc.

So Kris Martin. And Adam Thistlewood, Kendle Moore, and Isaiah Stevens from the previous UNM game… I hereby award you with a Clavell for your efforts this week.

Speaking of Kendle Moore…

I’m not sure any Ram had a better week than Kendle. I already highlighted his play against UNM in an earlier blog post. He was outstanding again against Air Force. Perimeter defense that helped hold the great shooting of Air Force to 6-24 from beyond the arc. A pair of triples himself, including another late dagger. And three explosive drives to the rim.

Kendle is not an offensive machine. But he knows how to pick his spots well, so much so that he is the leader in the MWC in Effective Field Goal Percentage (Points/Shots) at 62.3. He’s the top perimeter shooter for the Rams this season and 2nd on the Rams in 2-pt FG%, trailing only David Roddy.

So much for the stats…

No one plays harder than Kendle and no one is more committed to making winning plays. On his first rim attack against Air Force, Kendle was sent flying past the baseline after scoring on an incredible opposite hand reverse layup. As Air Force inbounded the ball upcourt, all of a sudden there was a blur in green – Kendle sprinting back into defensive position. No muscle flex, no mugging for a camera. Just pure hustle. He got into his defensive posture, nearly stole the ball, switched onto 6’7″ 220 lb Lavelle Scottie, and forced Scottie into a difficult jumper which he missed.. Reminiscent of Daniel Bejarano who would be sent flying on end end of the court and still beat everyone down to the other end of the floor.

My kind of player!

With The Win, CSU Moved to 3-1 in the CFRL Standings

Not only was Air Force disappointed to lose an MWC game, but they also experienced the pain of a Cracker’s Front Range League title slipping through their grasp. The Falcons would have moved to the top of the table with a win on Saturday.

Here’s the current standings:

Colorado 2-0

Northern Colorado 2-0

Colorado State 3-1

Air Force 2-1

Wyoming 1-4

Denver 0-4

I haven’t decided how to break any ties and I don’t have the resources to afford two trophies – cheese balls and cigars can get expensive.

The Rams’ MWC Winning Streak Grew to Four – not their longest streak since 2002 but their most impressive. The longest streak is courtesy of the Magnificent 7 squad of 2017 who reeled off 7 in a row on their way to a second place regular season finish. What’s impressive about the current streak is that all 4 games have been won by double digits, the longest such streak.

And finally…

I Love When I Hear CSU Assistant Coach Dave Thorson shouting instructions on TV broadcasts. Thor brings a level of intensity to the bench unlike any other. When you watch a game at Moby or when you watch a game on TV, you can hear his voice rise above all. Most of the time its when the Rams are defending late in the shot clock and he wants them to be aware and on the same page.

Next Up…

Fresno State on Wednesday night

@Utah State on Saturday night

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