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Today in MWC Hoops 12-4-19

December 4, 2019

An unusually early start to the conference schedule necessitated by having the MWC Conference Tourney pulled up a week because of a big Vegas convention.

Of course the MWC braintrust (and I use that term loosely) could have figured out a way to move the tournament to San Diego on a one off and maintained the typical conference schedule start date in late December. Which would have maintained the integrity of the out of conference schedule allowing for teams to garner a little more experience prior to playing a conference game.

But thats all water under the bridge.

I will pick MWC games against the spread. My yearly goal isn’t necessarily to make you or me any money. My goal is to beat the chimp which is anything over .500.

If you don’t know the history of beating the chimp, it stems from something said in high school. I grew up in New York and during senior year everyone in the state took what was known as the Regents Exam. Achieving a certain score earned you free tuition at any state school. The exam consisted of 300 multiple choice questions with 4 answers possible.

So the results of the exam were distributed one morning in our home room and of course everyone decided to share. One of the poorer students announced that he scored something like an 80.

That inspired another student to shout out “80? Hell, a chimp woulda scored a 75.”

It was a seminal high school moment that I will always treasure and I concluded that one’s goal in life as a bare minimum should always be to beat the chimp.

Tonight’s MWC slate features 5 conference games and an OOC game. Here’s my thoughts:

Boise State @ New Mexico (-4.5) – A combination of depth, frequent trips to the free throw line, and solid three-point defense gives the Lobos the edge.

Air Force @ Wyoming (+1) – Wyoming leads the nation in Free Throw Defense. Thats right. The Pokes are good at fouling poor free throw shooters. Air Force gets to the line a bunch and they all shoot pretty good. I like the Falcons to score a fabulous CFRL road win at the Pimple on the Prairie.

San Diego State @ Colorado State (+5) – I like where CSU is headed but this is an awfully tough spot for the home team. The Aztecs are already battle-tested with a road win over BYU and neutral court double-digit wins over Creighton and Iowa. My heart says Rams, my head says Aztecs. You should never bet on your own team but if you must, take the Aztecs tonight.

Utah State @ San Jose State (+22) – The worst program is back for another season where its marginal that they even win a conference game. Utah State is the defending champ and they’re good again. Easy money tonight. Take the Aggies. And bet the house, the farm, your first born, your 401K.

UNLV @ Fresno State (-4.5) – Two rebuilding programs that both look to be bottom half of the conference squads this season. I’m going with the home team. Take Fresno State.

Santa Clara @ Nevada (-5.5) – The Broncos should make it a game before succumbing late to a barrage of three-pointers and free throws. Take the Wolf Pack.

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