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Buffs Surge To Tie at the Top of the CFRL With 56-41 Win Over Wyoming

November 25, 2019

At halftime #23 ranked University of Colorado Buffaloes were knotted at 15 with the underdog Wyoming Cowboys. An upset was in the making. At stake was more than an early season win or loss. At stake was a CFRL Championship. Because of CU only playing a pair of Front Range rivals, a loss to the Pokes would all but end the Mighty Buffs quest for the coveted trophy.

CU Head Coach Tad Boyle, after much discussion with his staff, began his halftime speech as follows:

“Guys, we have 20 minutes to put ourself into contention to win Crackers Front Range League. 20 minutes! We need to play with a greater sense of urgency, with our hair on fire. We have 30 games to earn an NCAA bid but only two opportunities in the CFRL The trophy is coveted and I for one don’t want to miss out on the awards ceremony at Salma’s beach bungalow”

Boyle held up the following photo:

Fake news you say? After all, they’re real and they’re spectacular!

The only part that’s fake is the part about the visit with Salma. She doesn’t own a beach bungalow.

But who can blame Boyle the Master Motivator, especially because whatever he said worked as the Buffs went on an immediate 13-2 run to push their lead to 28-17. The Pokes got it back to 4 but the Buffs proved to be too much down the stretch as they salted the game away.

Pre-season All PAC 12 pick Tyler Bey led the Buffs with 11 points and 19 rebounds, establishing himself as an early candidate for CFRL POY.

CFRL Standings

Colorado 1-0

Colorado State. 1-0

Air Force. 0-0

Northern Colorado. 0-0

Denver. 0-1

Wyoming. 0-1

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