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Time to Bring Back the CFRL – Kind of

October 23, 2019

For several years, I tracked the performance of Front Range schools against each other and created my own league known as the CFRL (Cracker’s Front Range League). It was a fun way to follow local hoops and highlight the fact that there were lots of great match-ups. I had grown up in Philly with the Big Five, an unofficial league between the 5 Philly schools (Villanova, Penn, LaSalle, St Joe’s, and Temple).

An official trophy was created. It was a photo of Salma Hayek, a cheese ball, and a Cusano cigar (courtesy of fellow Ram fan Eric Malmstrom)

Of course, the importance of the CFRL went away as local teams stopped scheduling each other due to new scheduling strategies. A former CSU head coach decided that Northern Colorado and Denver were high risk/low reward games. CU has restraints put on them by the Pac12.

Regardless, I have decided to bring back the CFRL for this season. CU will not be eligible as the only play two CFRL opponents (CSU, WYO) but they can play the role of spoiler. Same is true for UNC and DU. So the championship will be decided between Air Force, Colorado State, and Wyoming. I will still recognize a Player of the Year and All-CFRL team from all schools. The POY award is highly coveted – so much so that it launched CU’s Spencer Dinwiddie into NBA stardom. 😀

I’ll do a preview of the six CFRL teams at some point and try to cover all of the games as best as I can.

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