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San Diego State 77 – Colorado State 68

January 3, 2018

I think that was the final score. I do remember it being a 9-point loss for the home team. And the reason I remember that is because a buddy of mine asked what it would take for the Rams to cover the 7.5 points they were getting at home vs a decent Aztec team. I told him it would take a 40% shooting night from the Rams.


Thats a good night for this year’s team.

And there were the Rams trailing by 7 with 15 seconds left and me looking at the stats board and seeing that the Rams were shooting exactly 40%!

The Rams were going to cover the 7.5!

Until CSU’s Che Bob decided to foul an Aztec intentionally. Two free throws later the deficit was 9.

No worries. A simple inbound followed by an uncontested layup and the Rams would still cover the 7.5.

The ball came to Bob and he dribbled the clock out at midcourt.

Which begs the question…


My other lasting memory of this game was watching Coach Larry Eustachy work the team during a late timeout and grab Raquan Mitchell to get into the game for Prentiss Nixon. Mitchell enthusiastically ran to the scorer’s table. Later in the timeout, Eustachy changed his mind and had Nixon report to the scorer’s table for Mitchell. Mitchell’s head was dropped as he headed to sit following the timeout.

Bad body language is a 40-minute effort for these guys.

This team has tanked.

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