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Colorado State 66 – Texas State 58

December 18, 2017

Yes the Rams won. Yes they played a solid first half, shooting 56% from the field. Anthony Bonner got the start in a 4-gaurd lineup and shot 4-4 including 3-3 from beyond the arc. Lorenzo “Doobie” Jenkins lit it up from the perimeter, scoring 7 on 3-3 shooting. The Rams defended well and had only 3 turnovers with a minute remaining in the half as they built a 42-29 lead. But they were to finish off the half sloppily with a pair of turnovers and a breakaway layup by the Bobcats and the lead was 42-31 at the break.

At the second half under 16 timeout, the Rams had yet to score a field goal. At the under 12 timeout, the Rams had yet to score a field goal.

And then it happened.

My wife fell asleep.

She has been attending games with me for nearly 40 years since our grad school days at the University of Arizona. It was the first time she had ever fallen asleep at a game. While she isnt into a lot of the technical things that happen she truly does love and appreciate the game. But the awkwardness, the slow speed and the generally sloppy play put her to sleep.

When she awakened, the Ram lead was down to 3 and she wondered what had happened to allow a team as bad as Texas State to get back into the game. I told her that the Rams didnt make their first shot until over 10 minutes had elapsed (a Deion James short banker) and didnt make their second shot of the half until about 5 minutes remained in the game (another layup by James).

Fortunately the Rams held on as Bonner drained a 3-ball from the corner with about 30 seconds to push the game out of reach. Bonner would finish with a game high (and tied a career high) of 17 points.

But a first half of progress was quickly erased by a second half of offensive incompetence as the Rams missed open looks, threw the ball away, and generally struggled with a 1-3-1 halfcourt trapping defense of their opponent. On top of it there was pretty lousy body language, especially when players were substituted out of the game. A first half that featured 10 assists turned to a second half of only 3 assists.

Me ball instead of we ball.

Sometimes you’ll hear a team described as a sleeper and its a compliment.

This CSU team right now is a sleeper.

And no, that is not a compliment.

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  1. December 19, 2017 10:15 pm

    I feel yourwife’s pain!

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