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Colorado State 85 – North Carolina Central 48

November 27, 2017

A chance to relax and watch a game after a long week of work.

The game looked very much like a mismatch on paper. The visitors from that other school in Durham, NC are what one would consider a cupcake. So the game was really more about whether Colorado State could take a step forward after suffering a blowout loss at home to the Oklahoma Sooners.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time recapping the game as the Rams led from start to finish. The big picture is more important for this team right now. Developing a personality, a rhythm, a team. Sure there were a few individual performances worth noting. Freshman Lore Devos with 15 points and 8 rebounds. Junior Callie Kaiser off the bench with 13 and 8.

But it was the collective of players 1 through 12 all of whom played decent minutes that were the story. Defensively the Rams unveiled a first look at a 2-3 zone which they played effectively, holding the visitors to 25% shooting, while creating turnovers and rebounding effectively.

Offensively, the Rams spread out their opponents and attacked the rim off the bounce or via post-ups. They didn’t shoot a particularly high percentage but they got to the free throw line and relentlessly went after their misses. And it didn’t matter who was on the floor. Player 1 through 12 executed their stuff. To the tune of 85 points.

Its hard to imagine 12 players in a rotation as the season moves forward. As they progress, the hope is that players will emerge and clear roles will too. The challenge for the coaching staff is to keep the team marching forward. The challenge for the players is to learn how to play more efficiently while going all out. There probably isn’t an all- conference performer on the roster but collectively they have a chance to compete at the top of the MWC.

Big steps, baby steps. All that matters is that they keep moving forward.

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