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Boise State 79 – Colorado State 76

February 3, 2017

I’m sorry this one took so long to deliver.

I needed some time to recover as a fan.

I’m not a paid reporter attending a game to write objectively and deliver to story to meet a deadline.

I’m a season ticket holder who pays for the right to deliver my point of view. And there are times when I just dont have the ability to truly collect my thoughts because I’m so wrapped up in whether my team wins or loses.

And this game was a very emotional one from a fan perspective.  I spent the game on the proverbial roller coaster.  

Watching my team fall behind by 19 points midway through the first half.  Boise State was executing offensively like no other team had in Moby all year and the Rams were unprepared to match the speed at which the Broncos were doing it.  The visitors were passing the ball crisply, moving precisely, and setting the best screens I’ve seen all year (no movement like some other programs get away with).  They were attacking the glass individually, dunking on screen and rolls, and draining open shots from the perimeter. They were playing with great conviction and confidence and the Rams were not keeping up.

And then the Rams – our Magnificent Seven – fought back.

With bigs Emmanuel Omogbo and Nico Carvacho on the bench with a pair of fouls each, they were forced to play small with 4 guards and a 6’7″ forward.  And they came back in a hurry. 

Gian Clavell became the first Ram to ever throw one in from as far away as Ault; the previous long was from Timnath. JD Paige, Anthony Bonner, Prentiss Nixon, and Braden Koelliker all got hot together and when Paige nailed a three-ball at the buzzer, the Rams had amazingly closed the deficit to 3.

Boise sent the roller coaster on another climb as they extended their lead to double digits again in the second half.  The Broncos CHandler Hutchison and Paris Austin were scoring at will and perimeter player James Reid was making everything (including one from a tad closer than Ault).

And the Rams fought back again closing the gap. They were expending energy on both ends at a high rate and staying in the game. COuld it be that they would make it all the way back?

And then Boise took the Rams roller coaster up the hill again as they extended their lead to 70-60 inside of 4 minutes.  The game seemed to be lost when double-double Ram Omogbo fouled out but no.

The Rams clawed back to within three with the ball inside of a minute. A turnover, some free throws by Austin to extend the lead to five and there wasnt enough time or energy for the Rams to complete the improbable comeback.  Boise had come into Moby and forged their way into an insurmountable lead, scoring a solid road victory.

And for me it was very tough to swallow.

I know you cant win every game. Unless you’re Gonzaga (“Gonzaga? Are they any good?”)

This Ram team is fighting an uphill battle with only 7 players.  They are not a team constructed to outsmart an opponent in order to score a win.  They are constructed to out-athlete or out-effort their opponent.  And when they come out of the gate a little slow and the other team is sharp, they pretty much seal their own fate.

And yet somehow they reached deep down to nearly come all the way back.  They committed some pretty bad turnovers at inopportune times down the stretch but they werent for lack of effort. In fact, it was probably because they were trying too hard. They look a little disorganized and out of sorts sometimes but thats fatigue sometimes.

Yes they lost a game.  And yes it hurt. But as a fan, they are still my team. And I can still admire them for what they are.  A team of seven players committed to giving it their best.  

Win or lose, they are still my Magnificent Seven

One more thought…

Basketball is a game of match-ups.  The Rams struggled to match up with two players from Boise – Hutchison and Austin.  

Austin is a powerfully built guard and the Rams dont have a body like that at the guard osition. They did the previous two years in John Gillon but he is long gome, lighting it up for Syracuse.

Hutchison is a 6’8″ small forward and the Rams tried to defend him with Gian Clavell. Clavell did a great job but used a ton of energy keeping Hutchison off the scoreboard.  He could have used a few spells. It was a perfect spot for Che Bob to come off the bench for some minutes but we all know that Bob is academically ineligible.

No Gillon. No Bob.

Thats not the fault of these seven players that give their collective heart and soul to us fans.

Thats the failure of the guy running the program.

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  1. IlovemyR9 permalink
    February 3, 2017 3:46 pm

    Since you go to all the games and know a little about basketball, is it time to replace the man running the program? How about an article about the state of the men’s basketball program. Be honest, sincere, and direct, like you usually are.

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