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Colorado State 60 – San Diego State 43 (Women)

January 29, 2017

The Dub Dub Girls, Ellen Nystrom and Elie Gustavsson, were at it again.  There were to be no double-doubles on this Come Dressed as you favorite Super Hero afternoon at Moby Arena.  But once again their games were sublimes at the two seniors from Sweden passed, shot, rebounded, and defended their way to a solid victory over a very game visiting team from the Mesa in San Diego.

The Rams as a whole were not at their best offensively, looking a bit sluggish throughout and playing a bit impatiently. Some of that could have been fatigue of a tough road battle. Some of that could have been the result of a hard effort by San Diego State who were coming off a horrible home loss to Air Force and came to Fort Colliins with a large chip on their shoulder.

The game opened as pretty much the Elie Gustavsson show as she scored a baseline jumper, a layup, and a pair of three-balls to vault her team to an early 13-8 lead.  San Diego State scratched and clawed their way back into the game, trailing by only one at ther quarter and only 5 at the half.  Very significant numbers because in the Rams last two games they had built huge 20+ point leads by the half and coasted to easy victories.

The third quarter continued on the same vector as the Rams would extend the lead and the Aztecs would reel the game back in.  They led by 8 at the end of the third quarter but it was still very much game on. AN early pair of jumpers by Gustavsson and Nystrom moved the Rams lead to 12 and the Aztecs fought back scoring on a couple of transition layups that had CSU Coach Ryun Williams steaming with just under 6 minutes remaining.

A quick timeout got the Rams back on track and they played organized and effectively on both ends of the floor, finally pulling away to a comfortable win. 

Gustavsson finished with a career high 32 points as she confidently displayed her versatile scoring ability.  She is a remarkable talent at 6’3″.  She can score at the rim on screen and rolls, finishing strongly. She can step out and shoot the three-ball.  She possesses the quickness and skill to beat small, quick players with crossovers and shot fakes that lead all the way to the basket for layups or mid-range pull-up jumpers.  

Nystrom would finished with her typical filled up stat line. 12 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists.  She had directed the show, either scoring from iso plays or through executing screen and rolls with Gustavsson.  

There would be no double-doubles on this afternoon.  

But between them, the Dub Dub Girls would play 40 minutes each, and score 44 of their team’s first 53 points. They would lead the Rams to their 8th conference win, moving them into first place in the MWC standings at the midway point of the season.  They would move their all-time MWC record in regular season games to an incredible 56-7.

And on this Come Dressed as Your Favorite Superhero, Ellen and Elie showed that the best of all superheroes can come dressed in green and gold and wear basketball shoes.

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