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The MWC Suspension of Wyoming’s Josh Adams

January 24, 2016

I felt obligated to blog of the MWC’s decision to suspend Wyoming’s senior guard Josh Adams for one game because of a violation of their sportsmanship policy.

The MWC Press Release read as follows:


Posted: 1/22/2016 – Updated: 1/22/2016
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Wyoming senior guard Josh Adams has been issued a one-game suspension for accumulated violations of Mountain West Rule 4 – Sportsmanship. Adams will be prohibited from participating in the Cowboys’ next game, which is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 23 vs. Boise State. 

The Mountain West will have no further comment regarding this case. The provisions of the MW Sportsmanship Policy can be found in Rule 4 of the MW Handbook – which can be accessed via the website.

Basically, Josh Adams was suspended for getting multiple technical fouls over multiple games.  There is nothing written in the MWC Handbook that prescribes how many technicals over how many games will result in a suspension.  Soccer leagues around the world have rules written down for player suspensions resulting from yellow cards received over the course of the season.  As in 5 yellow cards result in a one-game suspension.

Neither the NCAA or the MWC has any such rule.

Hence, the decision by the MWC to suspend Josh Adams for Wyoming’s game on Saturday can only be described as capricious and arbitrary.

Adams has been a very emotional player throughout his career at Wyoming.  Sometimes over the top in terms of expressing himself but never cheap or dirty in terms of his actual play on the court.  

The only thing I can think of is that somehow he got sideways with one of the refs in the game Wednesday night against Nevada and that particular official produced a post-game report that led to Adams’ suspension.

And don’t think that these officials don’t have a little bit of megalomania.

Several years ago, the following took place on the court in Laramie during a CSU-Wyoming game:

A certain CSU player  (who shall remain nameless but was pretty much a choirboy) was fouled pretty badly as he made a move toward the basket.  The official (Eric Curry) chose to not blow his whistle as CSU was leading by about 15 points at the time.  On the next possession down the court, the same CSU player was whistled for a foul that probably had less contact than what he had just been delivered on the previous play.

The CSU player bounced the ball hard to the floor before passing it to the referee.

Which led to the following conversation:

Eric Curry: Hey, come over here, I need to talk to you

CSU Player: I’m OK

Eric Curry: No I mean it. Come over here. I need to talk to you.

CSU Player: No really, I’m OK.

Eric Curry. OK.  I’ll remember you next time I ref one of your games.

A threat issued by an official to a player because of that?

I’m guessing something similar went on with Adams.  

Referees make pretty good money. Around 2K per game.  But the fact is that not one fan pays money to see them.  And Craig Thompson and crew make some pretty good coin as well.  Enough that they shouldn’t be thinking about robbing fans of the pleasure of watching their local heroes play unless they have an actual written rule with prescribed punishment, not some stupid arbitrary point of view.

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  1. Judge Smails permalink
    January 24, 2016 5:12 pm

    This was more of an action against Shyatt than Adams. Remember Shyatt was very critical of Thompson about the MWC tournament going to just 8 teams. This is nothing more than Thompson showing a coach who is in control. Thompson needs to go.

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