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Colorado State 90 – Oklahoma Pan Handle State 45 (Women)

December 14, 2015

Evrything you need to know about this game is that the Lady Rams ran off the first 21 points.  Then Coach Ryun Williams went for a complete line change and the visitors were finally able to score.  The tradition of standing for defense to start the game had some of us in the stands grateful for the move since it appeared that we might spend the entire half on our feet.

The game continued along its merry way as the Rams scored easily in the interior. It was Nystrom to Gustavsson and Hesseldal getting every rebound of a missed shot. Over and over. To the tune of 44-20.

The second half was much the same with the exception of it being Nystrom to Alana Arias repeatedly. 

The bench played better in the second half.  

Gustavsson finished with 19. Nystrom had 9 assists. Hesseldal had 9 rebounds in very limited minutes.

One final thought…  There are some marvelous freshmen on the bench that get very limited minutes but show glimpses of the future when they play in these types of games. I’ve already talked about Callie Kaiser. I wanted to highlight another one.  Sophie Tryggydsson, a 6′ wing from Denmark.  She scored 12 points today making 3-6 from beyond the arc.  She has one of the most beautiful strokes you’ll ever see.  High release with beautiful rotation on the ball.  Once she gets a little stronger and a little faster, she will be a solid player and a potential star down the road.

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