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Boise State 82 – Colorado State 78

January 28, 2015

The Rams led by 10 at the half.

Boise State got hot from the perimeter and got the game back to a 2-point game in the second half.

The Rams made big shots and looked to have weathered the storm, leading by 5 with 2:30 to go.

CSU’s clown coach got a technical leading by 5 at that point.

Boise State closed the game on a 14-5 run to win by 4.

More thoughts…

The last game it was Fred Richardson. This game it was John Gillon. The coach forgets about players who help the team establish nice leads and sits them for entire second halves. I’m completely puzzled as a fan.

Shortening the bench when there was no need and then a T?

I’m pissed off. I’m sure the coach doesn’t give a shit about that.

I’m tired of the sideline behavior. I find it selfish and boorish. I want a coach, not a clown.

I will not be attending the Fresno game on Saturday.

Mens basketball blog closed until further notice.

One final thought… – I once talked at length with a D-1 basketball coach about how difficult it must be to deal with officiating that seems to kill you some nights. How hard it must be for players and coaches to persevere when calls are going against them. How hard it must be to not scream at them. And the coach told me that what helps him out is that he can watch a tape and realize that for every mistake made by an official that there are at least 10 mistakes made by players. That the players do way more to decide the game than the officials do. You can get upset and scream all you want but you’d be better served to spend your time rallying and coaching your team.

This same coach had a difficult game in Boise three years ago. His team led by 1 with 5 seconds to go. He designed a defense meant to shut down then freshman Derrick Marks who he knew would get the ball and drive to the left side of the basket. The CSU defense was meant to push him to the right. The CSU player guarding him let Marks immediately get left, he drove to the basket and scored the winning layup with less that a second on the clock.

I learned all this after the fact when I sent the coach a WTF text message following the game. The coach was very upset as was the team as they were fighting for an NCAA at-large bid that season. But after he explained what had happened, he left me with the following text message:

“In the end, I was the one that screwed up. I should have gone zone at that point, not man-to-man.”

He took responsibility for what had transpired.

That’s how you have your teams’ back.

Not by getting a T.

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