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With loss to UNM, CSU drops to 1-1

January 4, 2015

So I know that the team is 14-1 for 2014-15.

But every team goes through three different seasons in college basketball.

The Out of Conference Season

The Conference Season.

The Tournament Season.

For the record, CSU finished their out of conference season with their best record ever 13-0. But that season is OVER!

They are now in the 18-game grind of the conference season where home wins are musts and road wins are hard to come by. The Rams have started 1-1.

Rhetoric about being 14-1, while accurate, is not where the mindset should be. Rhetoric about being middle of the pack at 1-1 with a good home win and an opportunity lost on the road is what is needed.

And now all that matters is Wyoming at Moby on Wednesday in a very important conference game. Its not just a rivalry game. Its a home conference game. It’s a must win. Because a loss would send them to 1-2 and put them in danger of losing contact with the leaders.

The pressure is all on the Rams on Wednesday night. I can’t wait to see them play!

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