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Hello Mike, Goodbye Mac

December 22, 2014

I don’t know Mike Bobo from Adam. I hear he’s been a great Offensive Coordinator at Georgia. I remember the name from when he played QB in Athens. I hear he grooms quarterbacks. The name Matthew Stafford certainly lends credence to that.

I didn’t really know Jim McElwain. I talked to him a few times at a Ram Club golf tournament and at Moby Arena while attending basketball games. He was always friendly.

And no doubt he’s a hell of a coach. He resurrected the CSU program from the ashes of 3-9 hell. Steady improvement and an exciting offense. From a fan perspective it couldnt get any better.


He said all the right things. He always talked about finishing. Finishing the play. Finishing the 4th quarter, Finishing the game. Finishing the deal.

But when the rubber hit the road, he chose something other than finishing the deal. A dream season crashed in Las Vegas under the weight of his absence. The energy was gone just like Mac.

In the end, he chose the bigger, better deal. He took the money and ran from the very players to whom he had preached finishing. He left them before the end of the season. He could have figured out a way to see his team all the way through their bowl game but didn’t.

I wish him nothing but success.

But the next time his Florida team fails to convert at the goal line or fails to get a crucial late game stop on 4th down, maybe he can ask himself “How can I expect them to finish if I didnt do it at my last job?”

I have one question for Mike Bobo.

What does finishing mean to you personally coach?

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