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CFRL Standings (12-20-14)

December 20, 2014


T1. Colorado State (3-0)
T1. Wyoming (3-0)
3. Colorado (2-2)
4. Air Force (0-1)
5. Denver (0-2)
6. Northern Colorado (0-3)

The only remaining games are MWC games between CSU, WYO, and Air Force. Because of that, they are the only teams that can still win the coveted title.

Pre-season favorite and defending champion Colorado has been eliminated. Their home loss to CSU ended all hopes and now all that is left for the Buffs is an inferior trophy like the Pac 12 regular season championship.

The next CFRL game is scheduled in early January when Wyoming visits Moby. The winner will have a huge leg up in their quest for the CFRL title.

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  1. Tim Miles permalink
    December 20, 2014 3:39 pm

    Man do I miss the days of competing in the CFRL.

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