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Colorado State 100 -Utah State 75 (Women)

February 13, 2014

I watched the replay online last night. It was another big win for the Lady Rams as they won their 8th in a row and maintained their position at the top of the Mountain West. They hold a 2-game lead over Boise and a 3-game cushion over Fresno, their next opponent.

I won’t bother to give you the gory details.

I’d rather post some conference season stats that will give you insight into how well this team is playing. The numbers are astounding!

Their scoring margin in conference games is +21.3. In the last 4 games that margin has been +37.5 points! And that’s with the bench playing lots of minutes.

They are shooting at a league-leading .464 field goal percentage while holding their opponents to a league low .337.

The individual stats give great insight into what Utah State coach Jerry Finkbeiner said after last night’s game

“… Their offense was just so skilled. All five could shoot and they all look for each other. They have five good passers, five good shooters. I told the girls after the game, ‘We feel good about anybody in the conference but this team. We’ve got to make up a lot of points if we’re going to see them again.’”

The Lady Rams two bigs, Sam Martin and Elin Gustavsson, are 1 and 2 in the conference in field goal percentage. Guards Caitlin Duffy and AJ Newton are 2nd and 3rd in 3-point shooting percentage.

But the most remarkable offensive statistic that best describes the team is in the area of assists and turnovers. The Lady Rams are first in both total assists and assist to turnover ratio.

The Lady Rams have three of the top four in the league in assist to turnover ratio! A ratio of 2:1 is considered very good. Gritt Ryder leads the league at 2.8, AJ Newton is 3rd at 2.3, and Forward/Guard/Stat Sheet Filling Goddess Ellen Nystrom is 4th at 2.2.

No other team has more than one player in the Top 10 in this category. The Rams have three.

The coach of Utah State wasn’t kidding when he said that all five players (in this case six) could all pass and shoot.

Next game up is Fresno State, the only MWC team to hand the Lady Rams a loss so far this season. Saturday afternoon’s game will be a nice measuring stick to see how far the Lady Rams have progressed over the course of the conference schedule.

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