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Utah State 71 – Colorado State 62

February 12, 2014

The Rams shot 17% in the first half.

At halftime, I went down to interview the rim on the North End of Moby. The rim had this to say.


When I pressed the rim for some more words, the rim responded,


The shooting was improved in the second half. Enough to give the Rams a shot at 30%. So we had a side bet going in my section if the Rams would get there because it was obvious how the game was going to end. I took the under. And when Daniel Bejarano nailed a three ball with about 15 seconds to go, the scoreboard shooting percentage rose to 30% and I appeared to be a loser.

Not so fast.

Upon further review, the final shooting percentage was 29.8% and I was a winner.

It doesn’t feel very good.

Other thoughts…

In the first meeting with Utah State, the Rams got 41 of their 50 points from Daniel Bejarano and JJ Avila. Tonight they got 57 of their points from Bejarano, Avila, and Jon Octeus.

Utah State was packing the paint and swarming Avila and pretty much challenging the other Rams to shoot. One by one they shot. One by one they missed.

I’m not trying be mean here.

But I’m gonna start calling David Cohn O-fer. He is missing wide open shots that d-1 players make. And missing them badly. Logically, it would follow that he is not a d-1 player.

So……. David, I love you, I want you to do well, but it’s put up or shut up time for you. You have been given opportunities. You won’t be getting them in the future if this current trend continues.

One final thought…

These Rams better not get caught up with the Lady Rams in a shooting contest from the perimeter if they want to keep any of their lunch money.

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