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Lady Rams Win, Men Lose to Nevada

January 30, 2014

I had to work last night so I was unable to attend the women’s game. I managed to watch a good portion of both replays on

As for the boys, they played hard but ran out of gas as the bench delivered squat. I admire their effort but you can’t shoot less than 40% and expect to win many games, especially on the road. Unless you’re a big fan of the team (which I am), it is not a very entertaining brand of basketball right now. Earlier in the year the ball was moving and the assist rate was high. Now it’s a lot of dribbling and missed shots. And very little rhythm on either end once a non-starter takes the floor.

In fairness to the team, the schedule has not done them any favors. By the time Saturday rolls around they will have played 5 of their first 11 games against the league’s top 3 teams. Which means only 6 games against the other 7 teams. I think we’re about to find out what the word perseverance might mean to this years squad.

Final score 76-67.

As for the women, they fought their way to a 71-64 victory over a Nevada squad that was on top of their game. The Wolf Pack dominated the offensive glass and made a lot of tough shots to lead by 4 midway through the second half. The Rams starting to lock down better on defense and senior Sam Martin stepped into the spotlight with three key buckets in the final four minutes.

And I have to come clean.

As much as I’ve enjoyed watching the development of the men’s team and the growth of Daniel Bejarano as a player and leader, I am really starting to enjoy watching this Lady Ram squad. Ryun Williams and his staff have done a fantastic job of integrating 4 newcomers to the starting lineup and they play crisply and intelligently on both ends of the floor.

And from my point of view, there is no one playing in Moby this year who is more enjoyable to watch than Gritt Ryder.

She is a classic old school guard who knows when to push the pace, when to settle the team down, when to pass, when to attack. She is an extraordinary passer of the ball, whether it be a halfcourt pass to a streaking player or a bounce pass on a back door cut. And one of her most underrated assets is how she presents herself as the main outlet after a defensive rebound. She manages to always put herself in the right place on the court. As a fan, you always feel like the game is under control with her on the floor.

And she scores too. 18 points last night and only 1 turnover in 39 minutes on the floor.

There’s a reason coach Ryun Williams refers to her as his Peyton Manning.

One final thought

Coach Ryun Willaims credited the Moby faithful last night for helping his team find the energy in the final 4 minutes to pull out a victory.

When Gritt Ryder was asked about it, she responded:

“There are still a lot more seats available in there. We haven’t sold out yet.”

She’s right!

It’s time for Ram fans to get their collective asses to Moby and support this Lady Ram team!

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