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Colorado @ Colorado State Preview

December 2, 2013

Tad Boyle:

“These games mean more, I think, emotionally to Colorado State and to Wyoming and to Air Force than they do to us,” Boyle said. “That doesn’t mean we don’t take them serious, because we do and they’re important games for us. But, those teams want to beat us and they want to beat us in the worst way.

“The fact that we’re playing them gives them that opportunity…

Larry Eustachy:

“Only a fool says it’s just another game…. “

Geez Tad.

It it so hard to acknowledge that CSU and CU have mirrored each other the past three seasons with each appearing in the NIT once and the NCAA twice?

Is it so a hard to acknowledge that CU’s home win over CSU last season was your team’s biggest OOC rpi boost? Maybe enough to raise your team one seed line in the bracket?

Is it so hard to acknowledge that over the previous two seasons that your Mighty Buffs have been 3-3 against Front Range schools while Colorado State has been 13-3 on their way to winning back-to back Crackers Front Range League titles?

Can your rhetoric be any more arrogant Tad?

Maybe the knowledge that a win at Moby on Tuesday night will wrap up Tad’s first ever CFRL title and earn him the coveted trophy has him feeling a little verklempt.

Game on baby!

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  1. Joe permalink
    December 2, 2013 9:59 pm

    If in Boulder, even though they are really young, this would be a blowout in the Buffs favor. Given it’s in FC + it’s a rivalry game it’s anyone’s game. Should be a great one! Glad to see there is interest in Colorado hoops regardless!

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