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Colorado State 66 – Bethune Cookman 52

November 27, 2013

I gotta be honest.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this one.

A small crowd with a handful of students, a 2:00pm start the day before Thanksgiving, and a quick turnaround after a game less than 48 hours before. And then the Wildcats of B-C decided to go all Wyoming of 2011-12 on the offensive end as they ran a weave for 15-20 seconds before even thinking about initiating their offense. Repeated 30 second possessions followed by a bunch of hero shots, some of which fell.

Enough to put my wife to sleep.

To the Rams’ credit they came out focused and weren’t lulled to sleep as they gradually established a double digit first half lead. They did it by playing honest man-to-man defense and attacking the paint on offense.

A slow start allowed B-C to halve the 14 point halftime lead after four minutes but the game never felt in doubt. The Rams got some,stops and trips to the free throw line and the lead was back in double digits.

Call it the lull before the storm. This team is so ready to take on better opponents and they will get their wish on Saturday with New Mexico State and Colorado on Tuesday.

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