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New Mexico 66 – Colorado State 61

January 24, 2013

“15 seconds to go, Colorado State trails by 2, New Mexico will be inbounding the ball at the endline. The Lobos have difficulty, They try a pass over the top, the ball is tipped into the backcourt by Eikmeier. Iverson corrals it. He get it to Eikemeier in the frontcourt who dribbles and launches a three for the lead…


The Rams lead by 1 with 8 seconds to go!

I like that scenario.

And it could have happened.

If our coach hadn’t unnecessarily given New Mexico 4 points in the first half with a technical foul. A coach who preaches defense and rebounding took a technical foul that takes the game out of his players’ hands. Creates a situation where they can’t defend or grab a rebound.

4 points you ask?

The 2 for the technical free throws made by Tony Snell.

And a team foul that gave the Lobos a 1-and-1 on what would have been a common foul which UNM’s Jamal Fenton converted.

And so when Eikmeier made a late three to cut a 6-point deficit to 3, it wasnt enough to get the Rams over the top.

For a coach who wanted his team to start better on the road in adverse environments, he was getting that. The Rams had led early and only trailed 14-12 when he took his technical. He alone turned a one possession game into a two possession game. And he fed a hungry crowd at the same time.

For a coach who preaches toughness, I suggest that he get tougher on the road too. Its the second time he has taken a technical in a tight game and taken the game away from his players. Maybe he’s trying to create more adversity for his players and make them tougher. I don’t know.

But he got outscored 4-0 by Steve Alford last night. He sits players down when they get burned by an opponent. Maybe he should put himself in timeout after last night. Better yet, how about this…

The Serenity Prayer.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…

Like no-calls or bad calls by officials that allow a pivot foot to slide three feet right in front of me. Like accepting an official for whom CSU is 0-3 in games he calls, while they’re 15-1 in all the others. Like accepting that UNM’s offense features a lot of moving screens.

I’ve heard you say that in-game coaching is overrated and that the majority of the coaching is done in the gym. It isn’t overrated when you give the other team 4 points on your own.

The courage to change the things I can

Like making a team better. Which you are. And figuring out a way to get through those moving screens without fouling. And figuring out ways to help your team score more points than the other team rather than giving 4 points away.

And the wisdom to know the difference

These kids will respond to your efforts to make them better. You can learn from them. They know when there’s a bad call against them. They don’t complain. They move on to the next play. So can you.

For the record…

Wes Eikmeier had 20, Colton Iverson had 15 and 14 rebounds, and Dorian Green survived first half foul trouble to score 14. The Rams had no answer for the Lobos Tony Snell who had 21 and senior Chad Adams delivered something like 14. The Lobos converted 14 Ram turnovers into something like 20 points and that was the game in a nutshell.

The Rams came storming back from a 22-point deficit with 12 minutes to go to cut the lead to 3 but that was as close as it got as Snell put the game away with a pair of free throws.

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