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Time to put a clown suit on San Diego State’s Jamaal Franklin

November 26, 2012

The reigning Mountain West Conference Player of the Year and Pre-Season All American is on his way to becoming a national embarrassment after his performance last night in the Aztec’s road win over USC.

Sure they won the game. And sure Franklin used every trick in the book to help his team win. But he went over the top with his tricks to the point where his behavior was disrespectful of the officials, his opponents, and the game.

He constantly went to the floor after shooting, trying to draw fouls. He did his patented dribble and stop when being chased, trying to get guys behind to run him over. But the worst came late in the game with the Aztecs up by 3 points.

Franklin was dribbling the ball at the top of the key when his teammate Xavier Thames was fouled trying to set a pick for Franklin. The refs whistle blew. Franklin continued to dribble toward the basket and initiated contact with a USC player by lowering his shoulder and the USC player responded by grabbing him across the neck. The officials went to the video monitor and had no choice but to deliver a dead ball flagrant foul to the USC player that any contact to the neck warrants. 4 free throws and the ball for SDSU and they pretty much wrapped up the game.

On the Aztecs next possession, Franklin was intentionally fouled by a Trojan defender who put both arms on him and threw him to the floor. Franklin got up and proceeded to strut around the court, laughing in the Trojans faces His actions drew him a technical foul.

It was the most bizarre behavior I remember seeing on a college basketball court. Im sure he is proud of himself this morning for being able to get under the skin of the USC players. What I saw was nothing more than a mockery of the game, the officials, and his foes.

He went from MWC Player of the Year to Jamaal The Clown last night.

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