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Some early season MWC chatter

November 15, 2012

Early season record

So after a little bit of a slow start, the MWC is starting to rack up wins against some pretty weak teams. In the last few days, Wyoming has defeated North Carolina Central (the other program from Durham,NC), San Diego State has defeated San Diego Christian ( what’s the matter – Point Loma Nazarene was busy?), and Fresno beat UC-Riverside. More on that one below.

Playing games in mud

Well we knew Air Force would play at a pretty slow tempo because that there Princeton-style MO. And we suspected that Wyoming would play at a slow tempo based on how they played last year. And now we have Fresno State in the conference who look to be a tad challenged offensively.

And the early returns regarding tempo are in.

There are 347 teams that play Division 1 basketball. And currently the MWC has three team’s ranked in the 300’s. The biggest culprit right now is Wyoming at 337. They are playing at a measly adjusted rate of 61 possessions per game; not too far from their pace of last year which had them at 332 nationally. Next slowest is Fresno State who are playing at an adjusted tempo of 62.2 possessions per game which has them ranked 329th; that’s down a teeny bit from last years team. And finally there is Air Force, who checks in with a tempo of just under 63 possessions per game which has them ranked 316 nationally.

Contrast these teams with UNLV who in their one game with Nothern Arizona played at an adjusted rate of 71 possessions and is ranked 27th nationally. They are trying to stay true to their moniker of Running Rebs.

Should Wyoming, Fresno, and Air Force consider changing theirs? As in the Wyoming Cowpokeys, the Air Force Woodcocks, and The Fresno State Bassett Hounds.

Speaking of Fresno State

After opening with a tough 2-point loss at Texas, the Bassett Hounds traveled to Riverside last night and recorded their first victory of the season by the score of 39-30.


No the game wasn’t played on a carrier and cancelled at halftime.

They played 40 minutes.

To put it into perspective, the halftime score was 13-11. And then the teams heated up to get the final score to where it was. Fresno went on a 10-0 run over a nearly 9-minute span to put the game away. For the game, Fresno shot a whopping 28% from the field which overwhelmed UC-Davis’ 25%.


Speaking of dogs…

Three games on tap tonight in the MWC.

CSU and Air Force look to establish a stranglehold on the top of the RMAC as the Rams host Chadron State and Air Force hosts Western State. At least Wyoming is playing a D-1 school as the Cowpokeys host South Dakota.

Should be three more wins for MWC team’s tonight.

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