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So here’s why I think my All-MWC picks matched the media/coaches

March 6, 2012

And it’ll probably draw the wrath of some but who cares.

For the first time ever, I picked a First team and a Second team and they match player for player with the media/coaches poll. Of course I’m arrogant enough to believe that I’m always right and that others are wrong when they don’t agree.

SO why do I think it happened?

Ask yourself what has changed in the MWC this year. The conference added Boise State. And lost Utah and BYU. Hmmm….

Losing BYU and Utah?

A media bloc of beat writers in Salt Lake that just might have conspired with each other to prop up players from their respective teams. As in horse-trading votes. Basically doubled the media input for Utah and BYU.

Replaced by Boise media with no agenda.

That’s what I believe.

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