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Curb Stomped in Laramie

January 22, 2012

I wasn’t curb-stomped. The Rams were.

The Wyoming Cowboys had their coming out party yesterday at the Pimple on the Prairie as they pounded their way to a convincing 70-51 victory. The Pokes ran out to an early 8-2 lead built on three-balls from Jaydee Luster and Leonard Washington and never looked back.

Washington finished the game with 32 points and 14 rebounds. From 30 rows up in the end zone of the AA, it felt like 80 points and 40 rebounds.

The play of the game… The play that described it all…

CSU trailed badly (32-19 I think) as they entered the second half. They began their first possession of that half with a ridiculously careless turnover by Wes Eikmeier that led to a runout by the Pokes Luke Martinez. Martinez missed the semi-breakaway as he was harassed by Kaipo Sabas. Problem was that no other Ram decided to chase the play down and Leonard Washington finished the miss with a thunderous dunk. Timeout. Seat on bench for most of those guys. Game, set, match with the way Wyoming was playing defense in the half-court.

Match-ups, Match-ups, Match-ups

The game is a lot about match-ups and Wyoming was able to exploit their advantage with Washington in the front court while CSu was not able to exploit theirs in the backcourt. Especially with Jaydee Luster. Luster had his way both offensively and defensively.

Something curious happened when CSU inserted Cody Mann into the game after that terrible play to begin the second hald. The Rams actually started to play with Wyoming.on both ends. Mann had the quickness to pressure Luster a bit defensively and it took WYO a little out of their game. In the four minutes that Mann was in there, CSU outscored Wyoming by 2.

Last week New Mexico stomped on Wyoming at the AA by putting a lot of pressure on Luster and using the pace. Wyoming is a strong experienced starting five with very little firepower off the bench. The Lobos were able to tire them out and totally bust open a game that was even at about the 30-minute mark.

CSU looked like they were more interested in playing yesterday like they were playing a team like Denver. Methodically working their sets on offense and letting Wyoming run their sets without any disruption. It would have been interesting to see if Mann could have been used a little more strategically in the first half and whether that would have made a difference.

Because as good as Leonard Washington is, Wyoming doesn’t run without Jaydee Luster. And they do not have an adequate substitute off the bench for him.

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  1. January 23, 2012 4:24 am

    Wyoming is 2-0 when your in the house. Nice work? Maybe it’s the Egg McMuffin stain on your shirt?

  2. wyo 1 permalink
    January 25, 2012 11:07 pm

    Agree with your comment about no back up for Luster, with Gilmore out for grades (who knows how long)

    On to Mann, I noticed some of the same things you mentioned, how many minutes is he getting a game? I’ve seen CSU a few times on T.V. and don’t remember seeing him play before.

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