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Colorado State 95 – The Texas Christian University 89 (2OT)

January 15, 2012

I played in a 36-hole club golf tournament last year at my club. I led by 1 shot after the first round and then started well enough the second day to lead by 4 shots as I made the turn. I made a couple of mistakes over the next six holes and my closest opponent made a couple of birdies. With three holes left I was tied.

On the 16th hole, my opponent drove into the rough and drove into the middle of the fairway. My opponent played first and because of the angle of the sun, I could not see where his ball ended up. But I knew it wasn’t good because it wasn’t on the green. I knew if I made par, I’d probably carry a one-shot lead heading into the final two holes. The middle of the green and a two-putt to a tucked pin would be good enough.

And then something hit me.

I really wanted a two-shot lead with two to play. It would give me more options (more cushion to deal with the choke factor) when playing the final two holes. So I took a more aggressive line to the hole and struck the shot. I hit it good and the ball tracked right at the hole. It hit the green, took one hop and then started to spin down off a mound toward the hole. It rolled over the top edge of the cup and stopped inside of a foot.

I had my birdie and my opponent made the expected bogey, I had my two-shot lead and I managed to hold on over the final two holes to win the trophy.

And that is how I’m feeling this morning about the game last night.

The Rams played an awfully good first half. They shot the ball well, they defended well. TCU was able to use their athleticism to score a bunch of second chance points to keep the game in reach as CSU led 37-33 at the half.

The Rams continued their solid play in the second half and built a double-digit lead with 3 minutes to go. They had given themselves that two-shot cushion that should have allowed them to finish out the victory.

But basketball is a little different than golf. You have an active opponent who does have influence on what you do. And TCU took advantage of some really stupid play by the Rams and parlayed it into a 12-point run, forcing the game into OT when Amric Fields nailed a pair of free throws. And then Fields made a runner at the buzzer to push the game into the second OT.

Somehow CSU managed to dig deep in that second OT and come away with the victory. They had played well for most of the game building a nice cushion, allowed their opponent to get back into it through some poor play by themselves and some good play by their opponent and then got that lead back just big enough to finish the game out with a win

And in the end its all about winning. The scorecard does not lie. The Rams won this game.

Notes from last night

Will Bell had a huge game, scoring 23 on mostly thunderous dunks. His saved his best for last as he made a split-second decision to deliver a shot fake over a defender and then finish with a simple layup. Bell also delivered 4 blocks defensively, the last of which sealed the game for the Rams as Dorian Green made a spectacular play to throw the loose ball off of a TCU player who was laying out of bounds.

Bell would not have had the game he did without having a great offensive plan of attack that recognized that he would be open. Over and over, the guards attacked the rim and then delivered the ball to Will to flush. CSU ended the game with 20 assists on 35 field goals. Eikmeier, Green, Carr, and Hornung each had 4 or 5 assists.

Wes Eikmeier struggled early because of all the attention that TCU was giving him but somehow found a way to summon up the energy to deliver as the game went on. He ended the game with 21 points and played a team-high 48 minutes. Dorian Green delivered 19 with 5 rebounds and 4 assists and did an awful lot of defending against bigger stronger players. Jesse Carr had 12 points on 5-5 shooting and added 6 rebounds and 5 assists.. Pierce Hornung had 11 and 6 and delivered his usual virtuoso performance until he had a couple of brain farts down the stretch.

TCU was led by the dynamic pair of the diminutive Hank Thorns with 21 and Amric Fields with 20. The Frogs shot way better than they normally do from three-point range and the free throw line and that’s what gave themselves a change to win.

In the end, CSU had just a little too much.

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  1. January 16, 2012 12:35 am

    Winning the ladies invitational is the highlight of your pathetic golfing career!

  2. January 17, 2012 2:34 am

    I’m pretty good from the Red tees.

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