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Notes from Moby

November 22, 2011

Just thought I’d share some thoughts after sitting through a pair of games at Moby last night.

…The first game between Manhattan and Fresno State was a lot of fun. It was a tight game that Manhattan blew open in the second half and the Jaspers led by 14 at the 3:00 mark. First year Fresno coach delivered a “Come to Jesus” talk during a timeout as he informed his team that they would not quit if they were down by 20.

It worked.

Fresno came all the way back to tie the game up mostly on the shoulders of guard Kevin Olekaibe who went Sean Morris crazy from the perimeter, including a pair of 4-point plays. As Friend Mike Portelance (former FCHS girls HS coach) remarked, you might see that once in a season but never twice within a minute.

Unfortunately for Fresno, Manhattan scored on a putback with 2 seconds to go to win the game.

…Manhattan was coached by a young guy named Steve. As he came out post-game, my buddy Joe yelled “hey Steve, Nice suit!”. Steve looked quite dapper in a cream-colored pinstripe suit and knew it. And so he acknowledged Joe with a smile and a thumbs up.

… The J-Monster was in the house!

It was nice to see Jason Smith at the game even though he would rather be playing himself. He’s living temporarily in Colorado and working out in anticipation of maybe having an NBA season.

…Sparse crowds can be fun!

It gives me a chance to not just hammer of the officials but also to know that they are actually hearing me. And Lord knows they heard from me during the CSU game. They were TERRRRRRIBLE! So bad that twice they apologized to our coach for flat out missing calls. They should have apologized to the people that paid to see the game.

…it’s really silly when yellow-jacketed seat Nazis check your tickets to make sure you’re where you belong. There was no one there last night and they still came and asked me to show my ticket. That’s friggin retarded. Yo Pauly K – what the eff is that all about?

The crowd was so sparse that three Fresno fans sat behind the Manhattan basket in both halves to disrupt free throw shots. It worked well in the beginning but then a seat Nazi told them to cool it. It ruined their mojo and Manhattan shot the well the rest of the game. I have never seen a seat Nazi try to limit free speech in a basketball arena. Amazing!

…Pierce Hornung was still out with a concussion but his teammates played like Pierce tonight. On Saturday none of them did. Tonight the whole team did. The Rams were better than scrappy. Both Kaipo Sabas and Dwight Smith picked up nicks trying to fight their way through moving screens late in the game and had to come out. Jesse Carr and Dorian Green were seen countless times trying to defend players much taller than them and they were successful most of the night. And Carr delivered some outrageous rebounds in traffic against those bigs.

… Speaking of Pierce, I have a hunch that he might be back when the dirty hippies invade from Boulder next Tuesday.

… Wes Eikmeier opened the season making 18 straight free throws and then proceeded to miss 3 attempts yesterday. After the game I teased him that Will Bell would have taken all of his money yesterday after going 2-2. Wes tried to recall the last time he missed three free throws in a game. Neither his dad or he could think of a time that it might have happened.

… It was nice to sit with fellow Ram fans Joe Baran and Dave Pittman. It was also nice to hear Ed Macumber bellow at the refs from across the arena. While the crowd was small, it was certainly feisty and rambunctious.

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